After Jewelry and Perfumes travelling is my another passion. Not that I have travelled the world but wherever I have travelled till date I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you love to travel alone then this write-up may give you some useful guidelines.

Dubai was on my travelling list since quiet long. When we finalized on this destination in February 18, since then I had started my research on what all things we can do in Dubai. After speaking to many friends and taking help of Internet we were sure that holiday cannot be less than 7 days. For planning a trip to Dubai one should plan it for 8 days minimum. If you are a born traveller and like to enjoy and see the attractions and if you are travelling with kids then 8 days are must for this mesmerizing destination.

Following was our schedule

Day 1 – Mall of Emirates was next to our hotel so we decided to go there on the very first day. Mall of Emirates is very huge and architecture is quite different than other malls the major attraction there is Ski Dubai. In Ski Dubai you can enjoy different snow rides along with penguin encounter. This is definitely a different experience. This requires one full day. At night we took Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise which is from 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Day 2 – Atlantis, The Palm is a luxury hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first resort to be built on the island and is themed on the myth of Atlantis but includes distinct Arabian elements. In the morning we went to see Atlantis Aquarium. This aquarium is not very big but they have created a very nice environment of the lost city Atlantis and it is different and unique. We spent some time inside. Relaxed a bit and then went for a Dubai Dessert Safari. Dessert safari is from 3.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Day 3 – Dubai Mall is a huge and one of the famous malls and the Dubai Aquarium was surly on our list because there is a Water Zoo inside which was not in Atlantis Aquarium. Also there were other options like seeing fish feeding, fish hospital, breeding of sharks and glass boat which were all unique experiences. On the same day we went on the top of Bhurj Khalifa in the evening. By taking 5.30’s slot one can enjoy day as well as night view from the top. From the top we enjoyed Fountain Show. After coming down at around 8.00, along with a nice Lebanese dinner we again enjoyed fountain shows. Laser show starts at 8.00. That one should never miss.

Day 4 – Dolphin Show is another nice attraction which starts at 3.00 p.m. We chose to relax in the morning but one can cover Ibn Battuta Mall till 2.00 and then go for the show. After Dolphin show we went to see Miracle Garden. We spent a nice evening there. Butterfly Garden is next to Miracle Garden. We didn’t cover that but that is also highly recommended. Normally people choose to go on Bhurj Al Arab or Public Beach during the day time. But we chose to go there at night. It was a different and awesome experience.

Day 5 –  The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi which is also known as Sheikh Zayed Mosque is also a highly recommended attraction. It takes arounf 1.5 hours to see the mosque. The earlier you go there is better because you get lot of time to cover Ferrari World which is also located in Abu Dhabi. It takes around 1 to 1.5 Hrs to reach from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The road is very nice and truly a dessert ride.

Day 6 – As you all must have heard that Dubai is a Shopping Hub. We had kept this day for Shopping. We explored Gold Souk/ Spice Souk. From there we took a small boat ride to go to Meena Bazaar. The Shopping there is very very cheap so as food. Even in Pune we do not get such cheap rates for food and shopping.  After a happy shopping day and smiling faces we came back to our hotel and decided to go to JBR walkway at night. This walkway is truly mesmerizing. Luckily we went there on Thursday and it was a weekend so it was open till 3.00 a.m.

Day 7 – It was our last day in Dubai so we chose to go to Lego Land. Another must visit place. Since lego is from Denmark they have created a small Denmark city there and you truly feel that you are in Denmark.  If you go there early then One day is enough but if not then you require 2 days for this attraction. We could cover at least some of the major attractions and we are happy about the same.

Saying Bye Bye to Dubai was a hard task for me as well as for my kids. But all the trips come to an end so did ours. We could not cover few attractions which I would have loved to….. Dubai Safari/ Dubai Zoo/ Wild Wadi Water Park/ Dubai Museum/Dubai Frame/ swimming with the sharks, underwater walk/ sky diving to name a few. But then you can’t cover it all. So plan it and go for it.

Last but not the least Global village is another interesting attraction which one can cover but if you want to experience this then you will have to go there before April 2nd week. It has a specific time. It starts in November and  closes down in April 1st Week.

P.S. – Some Advices –

  1. If you are wearing lenses Please carry an extra pair of lenses with you as in Dessert safari lot of Sand goes into your eyes and your lenses get destroyed. Even if you wear Goggles it’s of no use.
  2. Sunscreens lotions are must.
  3. Do not be fussy about any food. All type of food and beverages are easily available in Dubai. It’s just about grabbing something quickly.
  4. We had carried matrix card for cell phones but now a days there are good roaming options with service providers.
  5. 3000 DNR are ok for 7 days if you are travelling by Bus. Credit card is accepted everywhere.
  6. On the internet it was mentioned that best time to visit Dubai is till March but April is also very pleasant there. Actual heat starts from May.
  7. Do not plan your holiday during Ramzan, as you cannot drink water on road.

8. Water is very expensive there and unlike European countries you can drink Tap water. From some food shop grab big bottles first and at the time of breakfast get those refilled.